Suite for Piano (2022)


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Four movements:

  1. Daybreak 1’45”
  2. Plein Midi (Noon) 2’25”
  3. Dämmerung (Twilight) 2’20”
  4. Notturno (Nighttime) 2’20”

This four-movement suite of miniatures is, in part, an homage to Claude Debussy. In the same way that Debussy paints sonic pictures, glimpses of ephemeral moments, these pieces are meant to paint fleeting portraits of four times of the day. The movements are meant to be played in order, but the performer may choose where to start the cycle – any movement may be the first! Or, one might choose to just perform one or more movements. If played as a cycle, there should be slight pauses between movements, except Plein Midi to Dämmerung, where the left-hand chord would be sustained from one movement into the next. Concert programs should list the four movements in the order they will be performed, if possible. Notturno was composed in 2020, written in memory of Rajeev Rao. The remaining movements were written in 2022.

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